Tuesday, 13 November 2007


As it is Jenn's birthday today, and I know the parcel has made it safely across the Atlantic, I can reveal Surprise Gifts I & II.
They are a little kerchief scarf and mitt set. The kerchief is from LMKG, and is just right to give a little flash of colour under a coat, and to keep the neck warm without masses of ends hanging every where. The pair of fingerless mitts are of my own design (being a very grand word for figuring out how to knit a tube with a slit in it), although largely inspired by Alison's banner photo. Both in Noro Silk Garden Lite, Col 2017.

It is more of an autumn/spring set, or a looking sassy in the truck set, given it is for use in Ontario, and they get real weather there. Proper winters. With snow and everything.

The kerchief used an entire skein of yarn, and the mitts just under. I did a provisional cast on for the mitts and then did a 3 needle bind off, so that they can be worn seam in or seam out - depending on mood. To make the thumb opening I cast off 10 or so stitches and then did a backward loop cast on on the way back up again. I also did a couple of extra rows beneath the thumb to give a bit of extra room at the widest part of the hand. Other than that they are simple garter stitch squares made into a tube. But snuggly, fun ones.

It was the first time I had knit with the Noro, and was surprised at the amount of vegetable matter in the yarn. I was also surprised at how soft it felt on, given the "textured" nature of it when knitting up.

All in all though it was a satisfying gift to knit. I really enjoy making things for other people, and the combination of doing something new for someone else was a good one.

Happy Birthday Jenn. I hope the scarf and mitts keep the chill off you over the months to come.

Oh, in other news. Guess who's invite to Ravelry came through today, and really very quickly as well? Now to find the time to populate my queue & stash...

Sunday, 11 November 2007


This has been a really good weekend.

I have officially, at 34, joined the ranks of the middle aged, and I am absolutely delighted to have done so. Ihave joined said ranks as I have bought a caravan.

Most people I know will either laugh at me, or sit there shaking their heads in disbelief. The caravan is desperately uncool, but I really don't care. We got our first van when I was 3, and we had one until after my sister & I had both left home. They make for the best holidays; having your home on your back, being able to go where ever you want, and I decided it was time to get a little of that action for myself. So, come March, I shall be the completely overexcited owner of a caravan. Between now and the we have the small matter of finding somewhere for it to live, as I don't have a drive, oh, and getting a car which can tow it, as the current one doesn't have a tow bar, but these are details, and small ones at that. The point is. I. Have. A. Caravan. Yay for me! :-)

The other part of making this weekend lovely is that I have some FOs too. Having said, in the last post, that I love nearly finished things. I also really love finished things too.

May I present Baby Kimono II, with a little bonus hat which I whipped up on Thursday night. They are knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton, col. Tomato. The hat is pattern-less. Using some 5mm DPNs, I just consulted the oracle for diameter, making the rim in moss stitch to match the cardi, and One Skein for the depth (3.5 inches before decreases), and then just divided the number of stitches into 8, and started decreasing from there. Voila, a baby hat.

The kimono is after the pattern in Mason Dixon Knitting knit on a 5mm Addi circ. I cast on the same number of stitches knowing that it would come up a little larger than the Baby Kimono pattern, included in which is the 6 stitch moss stitch border. The sleeves have been made a little deeper to compensate, 13cm rather than the called for 10cm. None of the seams are sewn at the borders to allow for a little wriggle room.

Baby Lyne is due any day now, so I may soon have update shots to show off.

C's Christmas jumper is also finished. I am pleased with how this has turned out. It is the first jumper I have knitted, and even though it is a very simple pattern, from the Debbie Bliss book Home it is satisfying to have completed. I am particularly pleased with how the neckline turned out too. Now I just need to make Fred's jumper and at least I know the boys will be getting their Christmas pressies. The curse of an aunt who likes to make stuff. If Sarah & Jonathan don't send those boys into therapy when they are older their aunt certainly will.

Next up is something that didn't even make the WIP list. I was completely inspired by Brainylady Alison on Wednesday, when I got to her post and instantly decided that I neeeeeeeeeded to make the fpea quickie cowl, so after a little stash-dive I came up with 50 metres of one zero in what I think is Ischia, a pair of 12 mm needles and went for it. I reduced the number of stitches by half, given I was using a super chunky and needles twice the size asked for, and after sewing it up I was left with 6 inches or so of yarn. Even while knitting it I realised I wasn't making it for me, but for my mate Sara. She is a green-aholic, and it will go with her eyes just brilliantly, also with 2 small children it means that she won't be trailing scarf everywhere.

I have started another one for me, this time in some Debbie Bliss Soho that I had originally bought to make a pair of felted slippers in, but I think I am going to have enough to make the cowl and a matching pair of mitts, and I have decided that I am ahead enough of the Christmas present curve that I can afford a couple of illegal knits for myself. Fiona has also commissioned one, so you'll be seeing more of this pattern.

One last peek at this week's FOs.

All in all a very satisfying weekend. I am off to knit more cowl and figure out what I am going to have for dinner.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I Heart

Nearly finished things;

1) Charlie's Christmas Jumper. All knitted, steamed, and about a third of the way there with the sewing up. At which point I may block it to ease some of the stitches.

2) Jonathan's Christmas Socks. As you can see I went with the Camouflage colourway. The yarn was a gift from Jayne for being her 200th customer (Thanks Jayne!). I won't tell if you promise not to that the actual colourway is Girly Cammo. I have to say I love how the yarn knitted up. Worsted weight socks are the way forward in terms of cranking those puppies out!

3) Baby Kimono II. All done knitting, just got to sew up. I think it is going to be big enough for Baby Lyne to grow in to. In fact Baby Lyne may be 3 or 4 before this fits. It is a little large given it is meant for a new born, but will be fabulous come the spring!... The bonus is that there is enough yarn left to make a little matching hat.

My plan is to sit down on Saturday and actually turn these into proper FOs. I shall be good. I shall spend a day sewing up. I really, really shall. The biggest incentive isn't to have the finished article. No, no! It is to remove the articles from the WIP list to our right!

I also heart my new fabric cube from Schrodinger. I had a hard time choosing between the Chocqua cube (which is still listed) and this little Matroishka cube. The little mamas won. They often do.

It arrived in the post this morning (another thing to heart, actually - good post days), and I have already filled it with an illegal WIP. As mentioned my RPMs and Fawkes are waiting to be frogged, but I had a train journey to London to make yesterday, and nothing the right size to take with me, so I have started a new pair of Monkeys with some STR in Space Dust.

The photo isn't doing the colours justice. To be fair, none of them are, but being in such a heart-shaped mood it was more important to work with speed than accuracy.

I hope you heart something today.

Remember remember

... the 7th of November

It doesn't really have the same ring about it does it?!

This is just a little pay it forward reminder. Both to me, and to you.

Reminder to me;

I need to get back to Magnusmog, as she has asked me for a list of likes and I am getting delinquent on that and if I leave it any longer I'll get embarrassed by it too.

Reminder to you;

Go sign up, if you would like to be part of a little PIF fun.

Thanks!. N. xx