Tuesday, 13 November 2007


As it is Jenn's birthday today, and I know the parcel has made it safely across the Atlantic, I can reveal Surprise Gifts I & II.
They are a little kerchief scarf and mitt set. The kerchief is from LMKG, and is just right to give a little flash of colour under a coat, and to keep the neck warm without masses of ends hanging every where. The pair of fingerless mitts are of my own design (being a very grand word for figuring out how to knit a tube with a slit in it), although largely inspired by Alison's banner photo. Both in Noro Silk Garden Lite, Col 2017.

It is more of an autumn/spring set, or a looking sassy in the truck set, given it is for use in Ontario, and they get real weather there. Proper winters. With snow and everything.

The kerchief used an entire skein of yarn, and the mitts just under. I did a provisional cast on for the mitts and then did a 3 needle bind off, so that they can be worn seam in or seam out - depending on mood. To make the thumb opening I cast off 10 or so stitches and then did a backward loop cast on on the way back up again. I also did a couple of extra rows beneath the thumb to give a bit of extra room at the widest part of the hand. Other than that they are simple garter stitch squares made into a tube. But snuggly, fun ones.

It was the first time I had knit with the Noro, and was surprised at the amount of vegetable matter in the yarn. I was also surprised at how soft it felt on, given the "textured" nature of it when knitting up.

All in all though it was a satisfying gift to knit. I really enjoy making things for other people, and the combination of doing something new for someone else was a good one.

Happy Birthday Jenn. I hope the scarf and mitts keep the chill off you over the months to come.

Oh, in other news. Guess who's invite to Ravelry came through today, and really very quickly as well? Now to find the time to populate my queue & stash...

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Jenn said...

I am LOVING my gift. The fact that I spent yesterday at my computer wearing the fingerless gloves (ah yes, the Canadian winter is settling in) to stave off the bite of the chill in my house is a true tribute to them. THANK YOU!!!