Wednesday, 7 November 2007

I Heart

Nearly finished things;

1) Charlie's Christmas Jumper. All knitted, steamed, and about a third of the way there with the sewing up. At which point I may block it to ease some of the stitches.

2) Jonathan's Christmas Socks. As you can see I went with the Camouflage colourway. The yarn was a gift from Jayne for being her 200th customer (Thanks Jayne!). I won't tell if you promise not to that the actual colourway is Girly Cammo. I have to say I love how the yarn knitted up. Worsted weight socks are the way forward in terms of cranking those puppies out!

3) Baby Kimono II. All done knitting, just got to sew up. I think it is going to be big enough for Baby Lyne to grow in to. In fact Baby Lyne may be 3 or 4 before this fits. It is a little large given it is meant for a new born, but will be fabulous come the spring!... The bonus is that there is enough yarn left to make a little matching hat.

My plan is to sit down on Saturday and actually turn these into proper FOs. I shall be good. I shall spend a day sewing up. I really, really shall. The biggest incentive isn't to have the finished article. No, no! It is to remove the articles from the WIP list to our right!

I also heart my new fabric cube from Schrodinger. I had a hard time choosing between the Chocqua cube (which is still listed) and this little Matroishka cube. The little mamas won. They often do.

It arrived in the post this morning (another thing to heart, actually - good post days), and I have already filled it with an illegal WIP. As mentioned my RPMs and Fawkes are waiting to be frogged, but I had a train journey to London to make yesterday, and nothing the right size to take with me, so I have started a new pair of Monkeys with some STR in Space Dust.

The photo isn't doing the colours justice. To be fair, none of them are, but being in such a heart-shaped mood it was more important to work with speed than accuracy.

I hope you heart something today.

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