Friday, 26 October 2007

Ignoring the slightly uric colour of the cheap Spanish Brandy...

(Don't ask.)

Jenn, anyone, I need some help please.

It isn't me is it? This sock is ugly. Ugly enough that even it's mother wouldn't love it.

This is meant to be the start of a pair of socks for Jonathan. You know; glasses, supports Man U, married my sister, super-Dad and all-round Sainted soul. Not the other one.

Apparently (...) he ARSKED for socks-a-la-me for Christmas. So of course I want to oblige, and am delighted to do so. F & C even chose the yarn (and maybe that is where I went wrong... 5 & 7. Love them to bits, but they are not know for taste.), but I can' get it to pool, which is the only way I think it is going to work.

Once more, a bit closer, and with feeling;

I think I need a plan B.

So, do you think any of these would work? Or shall I just get a nice plain solid?

Lovely camouflage colours, somber-ish. Neutral tones;

Cosmic, 50's colour, a brave bloke's colour way, but still, he is a modern man.

Lime greens and steel grays;

Braan 'n' blue;

Whaddaya think? Even if it is "stick with it, they are fugly but all the better for it, and by the way dig that diamond waffle babe"?

Ta. Love, Me. xx


Jenn said...

I'm terribly afraid that I have to agree with you. Your nephews should be banned from wool purchases until they are at least 10. The fact that they have chosen Hallowe'en colours the week before Hallowe'en is not lost on me at all.... that said, I vote for the wool in the first and the last pictures. I think they would be perfect for brother in law socks. That said, you could use the orange and black wool for sock for the boys - you already know they love it!!

Anonymous said...

Well...I would have to vote on the first two choices...By the way the "i" is for me . I am Jenn's friend Tracy, who is beyond impressed by the fact that you knit and make socks...It's delish to meet you! back to the colour insight...Both of the colours say- " I am a man who get's chilly toes but need to be fashion forward and I can show them in public if i wear them with boots......good luck on your mission !!!