Friday, 5 October 2007

Smuggy McSmugpants

2 weeks finished, and I still feel like that.

This is my first quilt. And I am that proud of it with all its imperfections.

I will now go and do the very British, and very female thing of telling you about all the imperfections in the thing. Like there isn't a straight line in it. Anywhere. Not by design, but by the fact that I am pathologically incapable of sewing in one. And like, if I were to really be pernickety about it I would rip out all the yellow quilting and redo it, because the bottom spool tension was off, but I was being such a quilting demon I didn't notice 'til it was all done. Oh, and while we are at it, the point where the edging meets... a bit clumpy...

Despite all that? Still Smuggy McSmugpants. I even made up a song about it. Unoriginal lyrics, simple tune, and you will have to get me stone drunk to hear it.

I have also come to the conclusion that quilting is a drug. I know pushers, dealers and pimps of fabric, pattern books and cutting mats. These are ruthless women who will stop at nothing to get you to join the club. Make you one of them. Give you the disease. My mother is one of them, and in retrospect real drug dealers could learn a LOT by her stealth tactics. I have been worn down by the creativity of the finished object and the beauty of the fabric, and I love it. Not enough to become a full time quilter (probably denial), or to do anything that requires too steady a hand, but enough to have already planned the next 2 quilts!


Quilty details. It turned out twin-sized-ish. The top is a Moda Jelly Roll that I fell in love because of the evil temptation laid down by another quilt-pusher. The bottom is make up largely of fabric I had lying around; bits of Amy Butler fabric left over from a top I am making, and bits of batik my Mum decided she didn't want, so it is pretty much a thrifted back. The back piece is made up of 4 inch strips and the top 2 inch (finished width) with 1 at 90 degrees to the other, and is loosely based on a feed sack quilt from Quick Quilts (the one hanging over the armoire door, in fact). I quilted in waves along the length of the 4 inch strips with alternating colours on the top, and to finish it was all bound in a lovely warm brown.

I'm Smuggy McSmugpants, tra-la-la-la-laaaaaaa...

Have a great weekend.


ann said...

your quilt is beautiful - all the more lovely for lack of straight lines! I took a quilting class years ago and barely escaped the addiction.

astrid said...

the Persians always put an imperfection in their rugs: perfection is only for God/Allah!