Monday, 8 October 2007

I had a lovely knitterly weekend. Problem is that I can't share much of it with you. For 2 reasons; 1) I haven't managed to take any pictures of any of it yet, and 2) it could spoil the surprise for someone.

So a written update on what I got up to at the weekend.

A parcel arrived with books. Books really top the list of things that make me dizzy with happiness. The books included the new Terry Pratchett, because I am a geek and I love him - well I love the stories. The books also included Last Minute Knitted Gifts and One Skein. The first because I have seen soooo many chevron scarves and needed my own. The 2nd because I could.

Baby Kimono 2. The back is done, so is 1 half of the front. I just have the other arm to do, and whizz down the front, and we are done. I think I have decided to use a kilt pin as the closure mechanism, but we shall see. I also think that there is going to be enough yarn left over to make a matching hat, which is pleasing me.

Denim Jumper for Charlie. Back done. Front done. Sleeve 1 started. Yay! I am getting really excited about this, and probably need to put a good couple of evenings in this week to really get it moving.

Surprise Gifts I and II. Surprise Gift I comes from LMKG, and I adore it. More I will not say. SG II is being made without a pattern, and is coming together really well, as far as I can judge. I am quite excited about it, as I haven't really made anything from just my imagination, even if it is based on inspiration I have seen elsewhere. Full credits when I can.

On top of that I ordered yarn for 5 more projects all for Christmas. And it is all the fault of the first part of the knitterly loveliness of the weekend. All the projects-in-potentia are divine, and all are coming out of either LMKG or 1Skein. I obviously don't have enough to do in the, what, 8 weeks left to us! But, hey, who can't use a little stress around the holidays?! I am however looking forward to a proper post-Christmas chronicling of everything.

Happy Turkey Day Canada.

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