Friday, 28 September 2007

eye candy friday

The fabric ready and waiting for quilt 2. I know it is a bit previous showing off what I plan to make the next one with when I haven't even documented the first, but I will get around to it. It was just that seeing all of the fabrics together for the first time got me really excited. What really got me going is that everything on the right hand side is either stuff I had hanging around anyway, or was gifted to me, which means that it will turn into a double sided quilt, one side shop bought, and the other thrifted.

It is just a pity that I have 2 jumpers, at least 1 pair of socks, god knows how many felted heart Christmas tree ornaments (don't ask), a hot wheat-a-bottle, a couple of flannels and another kimono to knit for Christmas before I can even think of getting down to this, or any knitting for me.


Happy Friday.

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